October 17, 2012

Zucchini Hashbrowns

While making our One Pan Breakfast the other day I got a brilliant idea!  Why not add some shredded zucchini to the hashbrowns?!?!  Since we have […]
October 16, 2012

Guest Post from Valarie Budayr

I’m happy to share a guest post today from Valarie Budayr.  She’s the author of The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  She’s come […]
October 15, 2012

The Ultimate Guide to Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

If you are looking for a fun interactive way to get your kids passionate about reading you need to check out The Ultimate Guide to Charlie […]
October 12, 2012

Snoop Doggy Dog

So I was all excited to share this picture of our lab Daisy as she was being so obedient sitting by the slider door I had […]
October 11, 2012

Getting your faucet to shine

Another Pinterest experiment!  While cleaning my kitchen the other day I noticed how dingy my faucet looked and remembered a trick I had seen on Pinterest […]
October 10, 2012

How do you Laptop?

My husband and I have different opinions on the uses of laptops.  I am one that take it literal and will set it in my lap […]
October 9, 2012

What to do with carrots from the garden

One of my hubby’s customers gave us a big grocery bag full of carrots from their garden.  Other than eating some here and there (that would […]
October 8, 2012

Almost Naked Animals- It’s my party Review

The excitement filled our house as we received our package to review the new Almost Naked Animals- It’s My Party DVD.  I’ve seen bits and pieces […]
October 5, 2012

How to keep your frosted cake pretty

If you’ve ever frosted a cake and had to take it somewhere or give it to someone you’ve probably faced the delimma of how to keep […]
October 4, 2012

Zucchini Pizza

After having lots of zucchini to use up I wanted to try this idea I had seen on my Pinterest.  The original idea/recipe is here.  She grilled […]
October 3, 2012

Canning Candy

No food storage would be complete without CHOCOLATE!  And of course Hostess and other types of candy we enjoy. (rolo mini’s for me)  Here is a […]
October 2, 2012

Ranch Fried Chicken

We don’t make fried food at our house very often, but this is one that we do enjoy once in awhile.  Ranch Fried Chicken.  Be prepared […]
October 1, 2012

Italian Pull Apart Bread

Here’s another one of my Rhodes Rolls experiments.  Instead of the typical monkey bread I mixed together Parmesan cheese & Italian seasoning then sprinkled it between […]
September 28, 2012

Pomegranate Jelly

Since my sister has a pomegranate tree and was kind enough to let us have the pomegranates off of it, we’re making pomegranate jelly!  This was […]
September 27, 2012

Bottled Salsa

Yesterday was my first time canning homemade salsa.  Well, let me clarify that, it was my first time canning salsa that didn’t burn and have to […]
September 26, 2012

Pin it to Win it Event

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, you must live under a rock!  Pinterest is one of the biggest, fastest growing websites out there, and for good […]
September 25, 2012

Zucchini Bread

It’s harvesting time! And if you’re lucky enough to have lots of zucchini that means it’s time for zucchini bread!  What I do when there’s plenty […]
September 24, 2012

Homemade Pear Jam

This is my grandma Bushman’s famous pear jam recipe.  It’s been a family favorite for years and one that even after my grandma died we treasured […]
September 21, 2012

Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Did you know hydrogen peroxide has so many uses it is something EVERY house should always have a good sized bottle of!  Growing up we used […]
September 20, 2012

Clogged Shower Head

Pinterest experiment- Fixing the clogged shower head that sprays in every direction but where you want it to!  Lately our showers have become more of an acrobatic […]
September 19, 2012

Frozen Celery

A while back I tried a Pinterest experiment of freezing chopped green onions.  I am so sold on this idea and totally love it!  So I […]
September 18, 2012

Mickey Mouse Clock

This weeks project was to take a plain clock I had won at a Bunko night and customize it to match my Mickey Mouse Kitchen.  It […]
September 17, 2012

Jimmy Johns Beach Club copy cat

We LOVE Jimmy Johns!  With our recent goals to save money for buying a house we’ve chosen to cut back on going out for lunch.  So […]
September 15, 2012

Mickey Magnets

These are the custom Mickey Mouse magnets I made for my Mickey kitchen.  They are pretty simple to make. Supplies needed- clear flat rocks (found at […]