M is for Mickey, or Mason, or Mom

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July 3, 2013
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M is for Mickey, or Mason, or Mom

This is a craft project I have been meaning to make for close to a year now and finally got around to it.  I purchased a large cardboard box letter shaped as a “M” from a craft store when it was on a super sale.  I think I paid about a dollar for it.  At the time I bought it I had a little seedling of an idea, but the end result wasn’t clear yet- but I knew it had potential!
This is what I used-
My letter “M”
Mod Podge
Sponge Brush
Scrapbook paper- red, yellow and black
Then I printed my own Mickey Mouse paper from my computer

First I tore the paper into small pieces about 1 inch square. (this picture was before I realized they needed to be smaller and so at this time they were about 4 inc squares)
Then brush the mod podge onto the M and start laying the paper on.  After you have one layer on brush mod podge over the paper and then stick more paper on any gaps that may be there.
Once all the gaps are covered brush a top coat of mog podge over the whole area.

Since this was a 3 dimensional letter I put paper on the sides as well, this took a little time to wait for areas to dry.

When it was done it made a perfect accent in our kitchen above the cabinets!

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