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About My Tech High

IXL - My Tech High

My Tech High (no cost)
With MTH your kids have a lot of flexibility for homeschooling.  Some schools are even offering their own programs with MTH.  Basically it’s a way for your kids to be home schooled with varying degrees of parental involvement depending on your availability or education.
Once enrolled with MTH your student will be assigned a certain number of periods (depending on their grade) and has 3 options for EACH period (meaning you can choose different options for each period):

  1. Enroll in a MTH course
    1. These are courses that are run and taught by MTH.  They provide all class materials, lessons, teachers, assignments, etc.  Basically this is an online class for your student.
  2. Enroll in a 3rd party course
    1. This is a course offered by a 3rd party.  It could be a local business in your area.  There are some restrictions on this such as it has to be a verified business, classes must be groups (no one-on-one lessons etc.)  An example of this type of class would be my girls’ gymnastics class.  It counts for their P.E. class, and taking them to a local business that offers classes it qualifies as 3rd party.
    2. This type of course has a reimbursement allowance of $300 per student per year.  You pay for the course then submit a receipt and MTH will reimburse you.
  3. Enroll in a Custom Built course
    1. This is a course that you are going to design and use yourself.  You do have to submit the type of curriculum you plan on using for approval.  For example, for the Math requirement class for my girls we use a combination of subscription apps (listed below) as well as workbooks (also linked below).  
    2. This type of course has a reimbursement allowance of $225 per course.  You pay for your subscriptions or order the curriculum’s then submit the receipts and get reimbursed.

Tech Allowance

MTH also offers a Tech allowance of $500 per student in 1st grade & up, and $250 for kindergarten students.  The tech allowance is a reimbursement for supplies allowing your student to participate in MTH and allows for the purchase of things like a computer, laptop, tablet, internet payments, etc.  Also, if you go over budget on any of your class reimbursements that amount will come out of your tech budget. So it ends up being a sort of catch-all.


There are some restrictions on what can and can’t be purchased so you’ll want to check the website for more information before purchasing.  The biggest thing to keep in mind when purchasing a computer, laptop or tablet is that if you buy a new one it will belong to MTH for a couple of years so if you withdraw from the program you will have to send the device(s) to them.  But if you purchase used or refurbished it’s yours from day 1.

Reimbursement Tracker Sheet

This amazing tracker sheet helps you track your MTH purchases and reimbursement balance. Click on the link above, make a copy on your own drive or download it to your computer and customize it for your kids. Last year I created my own spreadsheet, but this one is so much better!

Your responsibilities:

Depending on the class type you choose for your kids your responsibilities will be different. One of the great things about My Tech High is the flexibility. You can literally choose different types of classes for different classes. Regardless of the type of class you choose you will be responsible to turn in a learning log each week to your homeroom class on the MTH website.

For classes last year we did this:

Tech- MTH Class, Minecraft. This was completely run and managed by a teacher from MTH. They gave Addie a Minecraft education account, helped her sign up with Canvas and had all her assignments in Canvas. Their teacher graded her assignments, and the lessons walked her through with slides and videos.

Language Arts, Science, & Math- Custom Built. We used apps and workbooks of our choice for these classes.

P.E.- 3rd Party- Gymnastics. We enrolled the girls into a local gymnastics class for the year.

MTH Class Option Responsibilities

When you choose a MTH Class there is no class reimbursement allowance. MTH will send you any supplies, software, subscriptions, etc. that you need for the class. Their teachers will handle the lessons, assignments, tests, etc. This is literally just like online school- your child logs in and does what their teacher assigns them.

3rd Party Class Responsibilities

For this option, you are responsible to pay any class fees to the 3rd party provider, then submit your receipt to MTH for reimbursement. Depending on the 3rd party provider you will follow their schedule and requirements. (attending classes, doing assignments, etc.)

Weekly Learning Logs

MTH requires parents to submit a weekly learning log. It only takes a few minutes to fill out and submit. There are about 6 questions it asks and you write at least 3-5 sentences about what your child did that week. Learning logs are required each week no matter what type of class option you choose, however you do not have to submit a learning log for each class- just one per week for anything and everything your child did that week. Some weeks we had a lot to submit and did a lot, and other weeks my submissions were a day late and felt like word fluff just to have something to submit. Your assigned homeroom teacher will usually respond to your log each week and give feedback and suggestions which are sometimes helpful.

I didn’t mind the learning logs, in fact I felt like they helped keep me accountable, which I’m sure is part of their purpose.

Social Media

There are a few facebook groups that are a big help! Other parents ask and answer questions and share ideas. A good one to join is:

*Unofficial* MTH Chatter Group

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