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July 26, 2021
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Entrepreneurship Course


This curriculum is created to guide your child through learning how to start and run a business.
It is meant to be a full year curriculum by having your child come up with 4 different business ideas, then try them and collect data from each business. With 9 months of school time they should have about 2 months to focus on each business. At the end of the year they compare the data from all 4 businesses to see which one was the best for them.

This 38 page curriculum that includes:
Business Plan: Y.E.A.!
Types of Business Ideas
Common Business words & their definitions
Funding Options
Your idea: The Plan
Data Collection
More to think about
Possible Business Ideas List
Your Success starts now
Crossword puzzle
Word Search
Word Scramble
5 Worksheets each for 4 different business ideas
Year-end Analyze Success worksheet
Answer key for games
Business Ideas List

To view a video walk through of every page of the curriculum go to:

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