Kidobi Book Review- Yogurt the Ogre

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June 17, 2013
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Kidobi Book Review- Yogurt the Ogre

We were excited to get this book in the mail to review- Yogurt the Ogre.  What a cute name!  As I sat my kids down to read it they were eager to see what it was about (as was I), after all, what an unusual name for an Ogre.  This is a super cute book that teaches children what littering is and why it’s important to clean up after ourselves.  I realized in reading it that the word “littering” isn’t something we use around our house very much, so it was good that the book had a definition for it.  And not just a definition, but a visual explanation so children can easily understand the word as well.
This book was sent to us by Kidobi.  A website that has screened content for children of different ages. Check out their website to see some cute videos-
You can get more information at the website here.

Here’s some official information about Kidobi-

From an early age, children spend more time in front of screens than on any other activity, except sleep.  Children learn from what they watch, and while some content is safe and educational, other content that isn’t age-appropriate can be harmful.  As you know, parents need to be aware of the type of content their children watch while providing a fun environment where they can use technology to learn and grow.

Kidobi LogoKidobi is an online video content provider for children ages 2 – 6 that removes parents’ guesswork by automatically generating customized video playlists, completely personalized to fit children’s learning needs and developmental stage.  Since all the videos are pre-screened by educators and child development experts, parents are reassured of the age-appropriate, educational value.

Kidobi is also available as an iPad and Android app and can be found online at You can also like Kidobi on Facebook and follow on Twitter for the latest updates. 

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