Jean Skirt tutorial

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June 26, 2013
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Jean Skirt tutorial

Never again will I throw out jeans with holes in the knees or legs!  I plan on turning them into a cute jean skirt.  This was so easy to do, and such a great way to re-use those jeans you would have trashed.
There are a couple of different ways you can make these skirts depending on the look & style you want.
First you can make the skirt a full circle.  In order to do this just follow the same steps as if you were going to make a T-Shirt dress.  But sew the skirt onto your cut off jeans instead.
As a reminder- fold your fabric in 4ths, and holding the corner (which is the middle of the fabric) measure then cut your waist.  The formula for figuring out where to cut is-

measure the width of where the skirt will be sewn on, in this case the bottom of the cut off jeans.  Let’s say the width is 10 inches.  Here’s what you do- 10×2 (because there is a front and back of the jeans)= 20.  Now divide 20 by pi- 3.14= 6.369, and now divide that number by 2= 3.184, at this point just round down to 3 because you can always cut a little more off but you can’t glue more back on!

So you would cut 3 inches from the corner of the fabric.  Then measure the length you want the skirt to be by measuring from the top of the fabric (where you just cut at the 3″ mark) to how long you want the skirt to be and cut it.  I always have my daughter aka model stand and hold the t-shirt or in this case jeans where she will wear them, then I measure from the bottom to how long I want it to be.

Place the skirt over the jeans with the right sides together and sew on.

For the hem of the skirt I wanted to do something a little fun, so I found this edging pattern my sewing machine does (a fun feature that gets overlooked).

That’s the first way to do a jean skirt.

The second way is by making it look more like a ruffle style.
First cut your fabric in a long strip that is the width of how long you want it to be, and the length should be at least twice what the width of the jeans are. (2 1/2 is generally preferred)  For example: if your jeans are 10 inches wide (multiply that by two for the front and back) so 20 inches.  You want to cut fabric that is at least 40 inches long.   And let’s say you want the length from the jeans to the bottom of the skirt to be 15 inches. So the strip you will cut will be 15 inches by 40 inches.

Now Sew the two 15 inch ends together making a large circle.  Next sew a gathering stitch along the top.  Once you have your gathering stitch along the top pull the bottom thread to make a ruffle.

Next lay the skirt fabric over the jeans with the right sides together.  Pin it in place so that your gathered parts stay even.  Pull the bottom string and gather the fabric until it is the same circumference as your jeans.  Once the size is the same and it’s pinned in place to keep the gathering even sew the skirt onto the jeans.  Making sure that you are sewing below the gathering stitch so it wont show.

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