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April 2, 2015
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Minecraft Birthday Party

My son wanted a minecraft birthday party this year (surprise surprise) so this is what we came up with.  There are free printables I made and links to some other fun printables for your own minecraft party! Enjoy!
I made a banner using a free printable from Family Shopping Bag
To make printing easier and take up less paper I formatted all 3 of her banners to fit one one page,and she was nice enough to give me permission to share it here. Don’t forget to check out some of the other cute things she has on her site she really has a lot of cute printables!

Then I created my own banners to go with it- here’s a blank set to add your own letters on, and a Happy Birthday set.

I made signs for “water” and “grass” that we put in front of blue colored rice krispy squares and the brownies with green mint frosting.

These signs were for creeper juice (green apple kool-aid) and creeper slime (lime jello jigglers)

Instead of a cake, I made brownies and decorated the top to look like grass with green mint flavored frosting. Then I used a minecraft set from the store to put on top as decorations.

For a pinata (that we ended up doing a candy toss with instead due to time and wind) I used a diaper wipe refill box and filled it with candy and chip bags, then wrapped it with green tissue paper and drew a creeper face on 2 sides of it.

Our party was big as chaotic, but if it was on a smaller scale I found these really cute free printable/downloads for minecraft Bingo at Catch My Party.

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