Improvising when you run out of wallpapper

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June 5, 2013
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June 7, 2013
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Improvising when you run out of wallpapper

This is a bathroom in my moms house.  When she was putting up the wallpaper it was soon apparent that she didn’t have quite enough.  Unable to purchase more I came up with this idea-  we cut along the top, then put some individual flowers down the wall to blend in.  This room was done about 18 years ago so there’s a little wear on some of the flowers now (from grand-kids picking at them)

It was a great way to make it look like not wallpapering those areas was on purpose rather than just because we ran out of wallpaper.
Since this is a bathroom in the basement that’s set up to be a mother-in-law suite it’s set up for washer/dryer too.  No need to wallpaper behind where those will be.  But you can see a strip down the middle where a space can be seen between the 2 machines.

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