March 23, 2016

Travel Trailer Makeover

Well here it is!!  It’s been a project that’s been a labor of love at times, but it’s finally done.  Or at least as done as […]
March 20, 2015

How to make circle ribbon bows

I made these circle ribbon bows for our day at Disneyland.  It was the first time I’ve made circle ribbon bows- they’re actually pretty easy.  You […]
January 2, 2015

Are you ready to BE AWESOME?!?

ok, are you ready to BE AWESOME this year?!?! You’ve probably seen the yearly goal sheets for saving money, cleaning and/or organizing, food storage, personal development, […]
December 31, 2014

What to do with a baby changing mat

If you’ve had a baby you probably have at least 3 of these baby changing mats or pads- whichever you call them.  They come with every […]
December 30, 2014

How to make Play Kitchen Oven Mitt and hot pads

For Christmas this year we got my 2 year old daughter a play kitchen.  So of course she needed a oven mitt and hot pads! They […]
December 24, 2014

How to make a tree skirt

It was finally time to make a new tree skirt seeing how I’ve used the same one for 13 years now.  So here’s a easy to […]
July 15, 2014

How to sew a maxi skirt and pillowcase dress

After going through some unneeded sheet sets I came across one that was made of t-shirt like material and realized how perfect it would be for […]
September 12, 2010

Bakugan Bedroom Accessories

Since my boys only ever use the bottom sheet on their bed, when I purchased their new Bakugan sheet sets I then had 2 flat sheets […]
August 14, 2010

Capri Sun Bag

ok this was my first attempt at making a capri-sun bag.  These are so cute!  It was actually pretty easy- even thought I made a mistake […]
August 10, 2010

Turning Basic to Designer

Using ribbon is a VERY easy way to turn a simple item into a designer one. For example, a simple solid colored towel can be designer […]