June 25, 2015

Keeping a headband in place

I love putting headbands on my girls, but sometimes keeping them on is a bigger hassle then it’s worth.  Not because they take them off- but […]
June 11, 2014

Pinterest Triple Braid Hairstyle

Like some of you I have a board of “cool hairstyles” in Pinterest that I collect all sorts of cute hairstyle ideas in.  Among them was […]
September 24, 2013

Wen Review

A friend gave me a bottle of this hair cleansing conditioner called Wen.  It’s supposed to be specifically made for curly hair- to tame the frizz. […]
August 13, 2013

Hair coloring at home

If you’ve ever thought about coloring your hair yourself you may want to read this for some tips and tricks.  Let me start by saying this […]
May 23, 2012

Lilla Rose Review & Giveaway

Check out one of the COOLEST hair clips I have ever seen!  These are called Flexi, the classy way to put your hair up!  There’s so […]
September 18, 2010

Flower Hair Clips

These are really easy to make!  I bought my flowers at Robert’s Craft store.  I’m sure any similar craft store would sell something similar.  What you […]
August 20, 2010

Ribbon Braids

This is another neat technique I learned from the princess hairstyles page.  My daughter Kenzie asked me to do it on her hair in 2 braids […]
August 14, 2010

jazz up pony tails

we tried this hairstyle just for fun to jazz up basic pony tails. Divide the front part of the hair into 4 sections and do a […]
August 14, 2010

my favorite braid

This is one of my favorite ways to do a french braid- separate the hair into 4 sections.  Start at one of the top corners and […]
August 10, 2010

The coolest sight for girl hairstyles!

A while back someone gave me this link to the coolest website for girls hairstyles ever! Go check it out- she has videos and step by […]