Bakugan Bedroom Accessories

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September 10, 2010
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September 12, 2010
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Bakugan Bedroom Accessories

Since my boys only ever use the bottom sheet on their bed, when I purchased their new Bakugan sheet sets I then had 2 flat sheets to use as material for whatever projects I wanted to coordinate in their room.
Normally I would probably make a comforter- using the flat sheet as one of the sides, but since the boys already have nice comforters and we have blankets bursting out of our closets- that’s not an option.

This is what I ended up using one of the flat sheets for:
Project #1- Curtains

I cut the bottom 1/3 off of the sheet and set it aside.  Then the remaining 2/3 I cut in half lengthwise.  From there it was a simple fold-over and seam along where I cut it in half.  Then I turned over the top 5 inches or so and sewed 2 seams, the first one about 3″ from the fold, and the second about 5″ from the fold (which was also the end that had been turned over.  Thus making 2 tube like holes at the top.  The first tube is what ends up being the ruffle at the top, and the second tube is where your curtain rod slides in.  That was it! easy cheesy!
Project #2-
Taking the 1/3 of the sheet that I had set aside, I lined it with some extra denim fabric I had to make it extra thick and sturdy.  Then I folded it in half to make a square and sewed it like a pillow leaving a 15″ hole to turn it inside out and stuff it.( I sewed each seam 3 times because the last thing we want is the stuffing all over the house!)

Then we filled it with packing peanuts- the kind you use when shipping fragile items….. I got a large box full of them from freecycle.  Once it was full I then sewed up the hole and tada! The boys had a home made bean bag chair/pillow!

.And they already love it!

So that was one sheet down- one to go!  I’m having a hard time thinking of projects I can sew using that other sheet for accessories for their room- thought of a lamp shade, but I don’t want them having a lamp (fire hazard lol) Any ideas?


  1. Melissa N. says:

    WOW that is awesome. My son LOVES Bakugans…and now he has my two daughters into it. You did a great job!

  2. JoDee Martin says:

    Thanks! I just wish I could think of some other accessories to make out of the other sheet- it seems like such a waste not to!

    I thought the show was totally lame when my oldest boy first started watching it- but now it's grown on me and 2 of the boys are into it (and even my daughter a little)

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