Capri Sun Bag

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August 13, 2010
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August 14, 2010
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Capri Sun Bag

ok this was my first attempt at making a capri-sun bag.  These are so cute!  It was actually pretty easy- even thought I made a mistake of sewing the bottom ones on in the wrong direction and had to make some adjustments!  But now I want to make some more! And I’m sure my kids will be heartbroken to learn that they’ll HAVE to drink more capri-suns….. if you’re thinking of doing this project- until Wed Smiths has them on sale for $1.49/box!

here’s the step by step directions:
1: overlap the capri-suns and do a zig zag stitch.  For this bag I did 4 in a row, but you can adjust that to the size of the bag you want to make.

2: for a deep bag sew 2 chains of 4 together using the same overlapping technique.
3: now what you’ll want to do is sew the bottom, you can either do it like I did (by accident) sew 4 more together then trim the length to be the same as the width of 1 capri-sun, or you can sew them together top to bottom.  Then you sew 2 capri suns top to bottom (for the side of the bag)
4: Next you want to sew the bottom on to the front and back.  Lay both parts together by the insides and sew along the edge. (the seam will stick out)
5: now this part was a little trickier- sew the sides on the same way you sewed the bottom on. 
6: lastly sew on some ribbon handles and you’re done!

Happy Sewing!!


  1. Allison Stuart says:

    Very cute!!!!!

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