How to make Play Kitchen Oven Mitt and hot pads

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December 29, 2014
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How to make Play Kitchen Oven Mitt and hot pads

For Christmas this year we got my 2 year old daughter a play kitchen.  So of course she needed a oven mitt and hot pads! They were pretty simple to make and you could even follow these instructions how to make them for full sized ones.
First I’ll show how to make the oven mitt-

Cut out 4 mitt shapes big enough for your child’s hand (or yours if you’re making a full sized one)  You want 4 because you’re basically making one mitt inside the other with batting in between. I cut out the silky fabric for the inside.

Next cut out 2 of your batting the same size/shape as the mitt.
Now you’re going to make a sandwich with your fabric and sew all 4 parts together leaving the bottom of the mitt open.  Turn it right side out and you will have 3 openings in the bottom.  Insert the batting on the 2 outside openings, then sew the bottom closed and be sure to add a loop, that’s it!

For the hot pads cut out 1 of each of your fabrics (if you’re using 2 different ones like I did. And 1 of your batting. Then sandwich them together with the right sides facing outwards.  You’re going to sew edging along the sides so it’s ok that your seam will show.

Next sew along the edges. Then to secure the batting and add a little more of a traditional look sew a pattern along the middle.

Next add some edging/trim to cover the seam around the edges and be sure to include a loop!

That’s it! You’re done!

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