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More Energy, Better Health

I came across this web page while researching hypothyroidism (a low functioning thyroid) which basically causes a slower metabolism, low energy, weight gain, insomnia, hair loss and other symptoms.

After researching hypothyroidism for some natural cures and things I could do to heal my body without having to take a prescription I came across research that showed hypothyroidism is caused by a deficiency in iodine and iodide.  The above website was very informative and even offers a iodine/iodide supplement pill which after researching the Internet was the best and cheapest I could find. 
So I ordered the supplements, and after a couple of weeks of taking 1 a day I noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in both my sleeping quality as well as my energy during the day- I no longer felt like I *needed* a nap.  To my surprise I even lost 10 lbs!
After 4 weeks I have noticed some of the symptoms coming back slightly.  When I read more on the website it said that depending on the severity level of the hypothyroidism a person may need up to 4 supplements a day- but to step up one pill each month so you don’t take more than you need and have the excess just become waste.  So I plan to start taking 2 pills a day for the next month and I have no doubt it will help more.
The iodine pills are safe and are not something you can overdose on- read the information at the above website 🙂
Dr. Oz- who has a really fun show to watch, even had an episode on hypothyroidism and verified how it’s caused by lack of iodine… you can find the information from that show on his website by doing a search.


  1. happy mom says:

    I will send this to one of my friends that is suffering but I believe she is suffering from the opposite with this site help her? and I know she will love your blog! Thanks!

  2. JoDee Martin says:

    I'm not sure about hyperthyroidism…. but the site is definatly a good place to look! 🙂

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