Zumba Wii Fitness core week 4

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December 6, 2012
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Zumba Wii Fitness core week 4

Week 4- This has been a fun experience and definitely one I’m glad I did.  For months I had heard/seen the zumba jokes and comments from others that I now understand!  Here’s my summary of the game/experience:
Lets start from the beginning.  The game comes with a zumba belt that you put the wii remote inside and it tracks your movements to award you points and track your progress.  Even though the belt is somewhat stretchable, I found myself wishing it was a little bigger for comfort (seeing how most people that want to use this game for weight loss may be bigger to begin with)

When you first start doing the workouts it’s awkward……….. to say the least! I’ve always considered myself a good dancer and a coordinated person with good rhythm.  The first couple times of doing this zumba workout was a shot to my ego.  BUT there is good news, it gets easier the more you do it!  And after a few workouts the moves seem to make sense and are much easier.

I like how there is a full hour workout, or you can do individual songs/workouts.  With the full hour workout it starts out with a very easy warm up, gets more intense, then a cool down at the end.  These are the same songs/workouts you can do individually and each have an intensity level.

Things I would change- aside from the belt size mentioned above, I would like to have heard some more popular songs and a wider variety of music (I understand that zumba is a certain type of moves and dance style and therefore needs certain types of music)

Other than that, we loved it! My kids had a blast with it- and I was surprised how easily they picked up the moves too! Of course when they goof up it’s cute rather than clumsy like my mistakes haha.

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