Mickey Mouse File Box

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December 5, 2012
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December 7, 2012
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Mickey Mouse File Box

My kitchen counter has become a collection of paperwork that needed a home.  The papers just piled up and would sometimes consume most of my counter top until I’d go through and trash or file them.  It was time to find a solution!! A custom made Mickey Mouse file box!
I was given this file box by a friend a couple years ago and hadn’t really used it so since it matched my Mickey Mouse Kitchen color (black) I figured it had potential.
I was able to use some rub-on stickers I got on ebay years ago that go along with the theme of my kitchen and placed them all over the file box.  That’s it!  Now I have a place to not only put all of the mail/bills/paperwork we get, but there’s also a pen holder in the top where we keep the crayons and pencils kids need to do their homework!

Since making this little project my kitchen counter top has been so much less cluttered- which seems to help make the entire kitchen seem cleaner!

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