What to do with carrots from the garden

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October 8, 2012
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October 10, 2012
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What to do with carrots from the garden

One of my hubby’s customers gave us a big grocery bag full of carrots from their garden.  Other than eating some here and there (that would last us weeks with the amount they gave us) I chose to shred them up using my food processor for future recipes.  Shredded carrots can be frozen and used for a lot of things!
Once they were all shredded I put them in freezer ziploc bags and into the freezer they went!  I did keep out enough to make my awesome carrot cake recipe though.

What else do you use carrots for? 
Here’s some of the things I use them for once their shredded:
Carrot Cake
Green salads
Veggie Lasagna
I’ll even chop them up fine and add them to sausage gravy or other food items such as meatloaf where my kids wont notice.

Lets not mention the jello with carrots.  My grandma used to make that and I can still feel the weird textures in my mouth!

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  1. Felecia Cofield says:

    I too shredded some carrots and froze them! I use them in my smoothies as well as meatloaf. I also like how you canned candy! I may give that a try after halloween! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

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