Almost Naked Animals- It’s my party Review

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October 5, 2012
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Almost Naked Animals- It’s my party Review

The excitement filled our house as we received our package to review the new Almost Naked Animals- It’s My Party DVD.  I’ve seen bits and pieces of this show on tv, and when I asked my kids if they knew and liked the show my 5 year old Brady couldn’t stop telling me how happy he was that we got to review the new movie and how he will gladly volunteer to keep the bag, t-shirt, and notebook that was sent with the DVD.

After this much hype over the movie I have to admit I was looking forward to watching it.  Although to be honest the pictures and brief scenes I had seen of the animals made me feel itchy for some reason.  It was a pretty funny kids show.

So basically the run-down is, it’s these animals that run a hotel where all the animals have shaved themselves then wear their underwear. (it’s not kinky or as weird as it sounds)

The dvd has a few different episodes on it including:
It’s my party, Saliva Drive, One Star Hotel, What would Batty do?, Employee of the month, and Duck Vinci Code.

I think my personal favorites are It’s my party, and One Star Hotel.

Overall, it was a silly and imaginative show that the kids can enjoy and us parents can laugh at.

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