How do you Laptop?

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October 9, 2012
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How do you Laptop?

My husband and I have different opinions on the uses of laptops.  I am one that take it literal and will set it in my lap while on the bed, couch, chair etc.  Whereas he strictly uses his at the kitchen table.  To each their own?  I enjoy being comfortable while surfing the net!  Course that also means I can be on longer……….. hummmm may be a down side there.
I did learn recently by experience that keeping your laptop plugged in all the time is actually BAD for the battery.  Apparently it works like this…… when it’s always plugged in, the battery has a full charge and the power to run the laptop is never draining the battery so it doesn’t get used to being used.  Then when you do unplug it, it will drain faster because it has worn out and grown a dependency on the power outlet. (I’m sure there’s a welfare underlining story there somewhere)

So the moral of the story is: you are supposed to let the laptop fully charge, then unplug it and use the battery power for as long as you can, then plug it in to charge again.  That will make the life of your battery last longer.   Or you can end up with a laptop like my husband’s old one that will turn off just about as soon as it comes unplugged because the battery wont hold a charge.

Also, if you are a laptop user like I am, you want to make sure you’re not setting the laptop on pillows, blankets or other items that will prevent it from venting. (you’ll notice when the laptop gets REALLY hot and may even shut down on you).

There you have it- Laptop 101.

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