Tupperware Herb Planter

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May 4, 2011
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Tupperware Herb Planter

So anyone that knows me knows I have a black thumb, heck I have a black hand! Meaning I couldn’t grow a WEED if I wanted to. (opposite of a green thumb!)

A few months back Tupperware came out with these neat little herb planters.  They have their own little water bottle that automatically waters the plan according to it’s needs.  And you only have to refill the water bottle once every 4-5 days or so.

So I sampled one (a perk as a consultant) and got a chive plant to put in it.  So far this little plant has survived and flourished for about 2 months! That’s a record for me!  In fact it’s been such a cool little planter that I’m going to order 2-3 more of them for other herbs!

And even I can remember to fill the water bottle once every 4-5 days or so haha!

Here’s the pic of my plant-

In the newest Tupperware catalog you can purchase this planter for $19.50 or they have a special combo kit that comes with 2 planters, 1 chop-n-prep, and a small fridge smart for $78.50 (a $93.00 value)

You can purchase either of these or other Tupperware products Here

This is a great way to have fresh herbs on hand for healthy cooking, saving money and add a little oxygen maker inside your house 😉

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