Bounce away the Spiders!

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August 13, 2010
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August 13, 2010
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Bounce away the Spiders!

A few years ago we had a spider issue.  There were 2 rooms in our house we would see 1-2 spiders a day-usually on the ceiling.  Our house was fairly new- less than 4 years old at that time.  We were considering getting our house sprayed when a friend told me that Bounce Fabric sheets will keep spiders away! 
So after going to the store and figuring I could splurge on this $2.50 investment I got a box of the Bounce fabric sheets to try it.

I put some of the sheets in random places around the house- and especially in the 2 rooms where we saw spiders the most. Tucked into the couch cushions, on the window seal behind the blinds, tucked in a little on a book shelf etc.
It worked! We went from seeing 1-2 spiders a day, to not seeing ANY for 2 weeks! After 2 weeks we saw one spider and I realized it was probably time to change out the Bounce sheets, so we swapped all the old ones with fresh ones, and no more spiders again!
I’ve heard they can also be used as mosquito repellent.  A friend of mine used to take one to camp and keep inside her pillow case because she loved to sleep with the fresh smell- little did we know it was probably keeping the spiders away too!
Another use for the Bounce fabric sheets is cleaning… they’re good at getting marks off the walls- you don’t want too much water though!
There’s a lot of uses I’ve read about, but these are the only ones I have personally tried and have worked great.

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