Things I did with a sheet set

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August 13, 2010
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August 14, 2010
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Things I did with a sheet set

Sheets are GREAT for sewing projects! Where else can you find that much fabric for $3?? (the price of 1 twin sized flat sheet at Walmart)  I love using sheets to make blankets- in fact I’ll be doing one next week and will post it when I do. (update: here’s the link)

Here is my latest pride and joy project-
I bought a twin sheet set for $7 at Walmart and here is everything I was able to do with it:
1)  The fitted sheet I put on my sons bed since they can always use a fitted sheet, and it was red so it goes with about anything
2)  The pillow case I also gave to my son- another thing you can always have plenty of, and this way it matched his sheet
                               *since my boys rarely keep a top sheet on it gives me fabric to make something with!*
3) I cut the flat sheet into 1/4ths, sewed the edges with a seam at the top big enough for a curtain rod to go through.  Then embellished the top and bottom by sewing on matching ribbon.  This made curtains for 2 windows, with a panel on each side so light can come in the middle. (see curtain blog for more info)

4) Sheets now come in a fabric bags! So I cut the bag in half length wise, sewed ribbon on the bottoms attaching the two bottoms which left the drawstring at the top and bottom of the long tube that is now a grocery bag holder that even matches my curtains!  It’s longer and thinner than I would have normally made, but I was going for non-waste so it works!

All this for $7!! can’t beat that!

You could decorate an entire room really- if it didn’t have 2 windows you could make 2 curtains and a dirty laundry bag, beanbag chair, throw pillows, bed skirt, crib bumper pads etc.

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  1. Kelli says:

    I can't wait to see the blanket you make 🙂

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