Zumba week 2

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November 5, 2012
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Zumba week 2

Week 2 of my 4 week Zumba Core Challenge.  I’m still at the awkward and still fat stage of this experiment/challenge so I had to post another funny picture.  Meanwhile here’s my experience this week-
Although some of the moves are getting easier and I’m feeling a little more confident in them, there’s still quite a few that have me feeling all sorts of middle school awkwardness! 

When I was doing it tonight my kids had a blast watching and doing it with me, and I have to say my little 5 year old is pretty good! I let him try the belt on and he got 3 stars!!  Plus he’s fun to watch because he adds in his own version of things sometimes- like he’ll spin around then keep going.  I really need to video tape him!

Some things I dislike so far are: 1- I don’t care for the India type music/dancing….. it’s just not my thing.  and 2- I wish it had more songs I knew and liked.

There are a lot of hispanic songs, which I get because some of the moves are latin dance moves.  But I wish there were more than 4 songs that I liked 🙁  I had the same problem with my DDR – only a few of the songs were fun to dance to, the rest were just annoying.

IDEA of the centry!! It would be TOTALLY AWESOME if they came up with a broadway musicals zumba!! (is that totally changing what zumba is?)  With some dance moves similar to what they do in the movies and to the soundtracks of popular broadway movies like : Singing in the rain,  Brigadoon, Meet me in St. Louis, 7 brides for 7 brothers, White Christmas, Annie, Thouroughly Modern Millie, ………..what are some other good ones with fun dances/songs?….. I’m sure there’s more.   Ok that’s my suggestion.  When they come out with it remember you read about it here first! And I’ll take all the royalties 😀

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