VHS, then DVD, Now Blue-Ray

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September 3, 2010
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September 4, 2010
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VHS, then DVD, Now Blue-Ray

Man! VHS was around for so long, I remember my parents having TONS of movies.  Then DVD’s came along and everyone slowly started switching over to them.  Luckily it happened about the time I was first married so as we were building our movie collection we started buying DVD’s.  And who knows why, but at that time I also bought some VHS’s because they were so cheap!
Now, Blue-Ray is out…… and we’re supposed to switch to that? DVD’s haven’t been around all that long- well at least not as long as VHS was.  I still haven’t replaced all of my VHS with DVD’s.

I am pretty excited that they are doing the blue-ray/dvd combos.  That’s smart! Especially since people have dvd players in their cars and aren’t likely to replace and upgrade those to blue-ray.
So I am now the owner of 3 generations of movie technology in my home!  And the funniest part? The only VHS player we have is in my daughter’s room.  And we don’t own a Blue-ray! I don’t know why I’m hanging on to some of the VHS movies still, I think it’s just so I know which ones I need to buy in DVD or blue-ray format still. Something that will probably change when we move!

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  1. Sippy Cup Mom says:

    We got rid of our VHS. We have a HUGE DVD collection (I think like 500, kinda embarrassed) and now my husband wants to start buying all Blu-Rays. I say buy them for those really good movies, where it makes sense to have a Blu-ray. I love those coupons that come out too. Plus, day after Thanksgiving I stocked up on new Blurays for $10 at Target!

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