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March 19, 2013
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Stove Top Cleaner

This week’s pinterest experiment is the stove top cleaner.  My stove top has been pretty bad.  Try as I may I can’t seem to get it clean. (aside from this picture which was intentionally left dirty for this picture)  After hearing others had good results from a pinterest suggestion I tried it myself.  Here’s my experience…
This is what my stove top looked like this morning- pretty embarrassing I know, but keep in mind I am in the middle of a move so it hasn’t been getting the attention it needs.

The pinterest suggestion(s) I compiled included hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and water.  So I sprayed the stove with the hydrogen peroxide, sprinkled baking soda on top, then added a few sponge fulls of hot water.  Then let it sit for at least 30 mins.  After letting it sit I used a scrub pad and some elbow grease and scrubbed the area pretty well.  Then using a washcloth soak up the excess water & gunk and wipe it down until it’s clean.

This was my end result, not as clean as I would have liked it, but still a big difference!

This experiment gets the following rating from me:
Cost: 10/10- all ingredients are cheap
Time: 6/10- it did need to soak and took some effort
Effectiveness: 7/10- it took most off but not all


  1. Unknown says:

    Did you notice that your stove was dull and almost as if it was full of grease after you tried wiping the mixture out? I created the paste and used it to clean my black stove and the result was terrible. I had to add dish soap to try to wash the grease away and that did the trick. Maybe I did something wrong?

  2. JoDee Martin says:

    I didn't have that same problem. Since there's no grease used in the cleaning products the grease you saw was probably what was being picked up off your stove?

    Dish soap is definitely a great way to get grease up! What ever it takes right? 🙂

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