Oven Mitt travel bag

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March 20, 2013
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March 25, 2013
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Oven Mitt travel bag

If you’re in need of a easy project for kids, a travel kit, little first aid kit or any other small holder for things this is a really easy way to make your own bag.  All it takes is a oven mitt (pot holder), ziploc bags, a button, and your sewing machine.
Take an oven mitt of your choice and mark the half way point or where you want it to fold.
Lay 3 ziploc bags down with the opening to the left, and 3 on top of those with the opening to the right. (this will give you 6 compartments, you can change this number to be as many or as few as you like)

You want to overlap the bottoms of the bags so that the opening of the ziploc bag is just shorter than the end of your oven mitt.  You can pin them in place but I prefer not to since too many holes in the bags could compromise their integrity.  So I just hold them in place and sew down the middle sewing the ziploc bags to the middle of the oven mitt.  Sew this line a couple of times (you can even do a zig-zag seam) to insure strength.  Then cut off the bottoms of the bags that are extra.

Sew a button in the middle of one end of the oven mitt and the hanging loop on the other end will allow you to close your travel case by looping it over the button.

I’ve also made these bigger with a place mat and gallon ziploc bags and used ribbon for the closure at the ends.

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