HTML Headaches!

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August 27, 2010
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August 28, 2010
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HTML Headaches!

Holy Cow!!! So I have designed many web pages before- and even learned how to do them years ago when I was taking my Novell Administrators class.  Back then the only way to design a web page was in HTML….. needless to say if you are just learning how to design them with current web page design programs count yourself lucky! It’s like having a calculator and never having to learn long division!

Doing this blog though- my html skills and knowledge have come extremely in handy!  I’m SO thankful for Mrs. Pelegrini (sp?) for teaching me basic html code all those years ago!

So you may have noticed a few changes in the blog lately…. what do you think? I’m still tweaking it here and there, and it’s a learning experience.  Please feel free to make any suggestions!

Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back in the swing of doing projects instead of molding this chair to my butt more!  I have a box of Tomatoes and a few bags of Peaches that need to be canned!

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