Don’t Eat Pete!

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August 28, 2010
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August 28, 2010
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Don’t Eat Pete!

This is a really fun game with kids, especially for ages 3-5, but even my 7 & 8 year old love it!
Here’s how you play:

Everyone sits around the paper and you put 1 M&M, Smarties, Skittle or other such treat on each square.  Then one person leaves the room while everyone else chooses who is going to be “Pete”.  Then the person comes back into the room, and starts eating the treats off of each square one at a time.  When they pick up the one that was chosen to be “Pete” everyone yells “Don’t Eat Pete!!” then you refill the squares and it’s the next person’s turn.
This is a picture of the chart I found online- the problem with a lot of the ones online is when you print them off they are kind of fuzzy.  One of these days I think I’ll make up my own so it wont be fuzzy.  If you want a different design just google “Don’t Eat Pete” and look at the images link.

You can also adapt the game to your child’s favorite movie characters- and change it to “Don’t Eat Buzz” “Don’t Eat Nemo” etc.

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  1. Melissa N. says:

    lol…too cute! Thanks for sharing that…will have to remember that one!

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