Helping & Serving Others

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January 16, 2013
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Helping & Serving Others

Helping others is one of the most rewarding things we can do.  And when someone else helps us in our time of need we are eternally grateful.  Service lifts the world and turns the focus from ones self towards others instead.  I think that children who are taught to help and serve others are the ones that grow up with compassion, friends, and a secure sense of self.  But how do you teach your kids to help and serve in a way that it will become second nature to them?

My conclusion is to teach by example.  It is said that children may forget the words you say but they will never forget the way you made them feel.  And actions speak louder than words!  As adults it is our job to show our children how to help and serve others by doing it ourselves.

What are ways you can help and serve others?  There is an endless list!!  Keep in mind that service doesn’t always have to be known, sometimes the secret acts of service are the most fun.  A lot of times we will door bell ditch people with our kids, leaving a treat at their door then running away.  The kids have so much fun with this!! They get to be little ninjas trying not to get caught.
Sometimes seeing a need someone has that you are able to fulfill- I love this video:

There are sometimes things that we can’t do for ourselves, and when someone is willing and able to help they are teaching us how Christ is willing and able to help us with what we can’t do for ourselves.

Remember, there are 2 sides to service though…. the first side is serving others, where the second is allowing others to serve you.  Some people get stuck in one or the other out of pride or greed.  But the full purpose of service is an exchange of energy between the souls to build compassion and love towards our fellow men.

And with that I will end today’s spiritual/uplifting post 🙂  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted one so it was due, I hope you enjoyed it.  Let me just end with one of my favorite videos that shows how service can create a chain reaction- Pay it forward!!

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