Duvet or not Duvet

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September 30, 2014
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Duvet or not Duvet

Duvet or not Duvet, that is the question.  Do you use them? I’ve never used one, until now!  Our comforter on our bed was getting some wear and although it’s a great blanket I was afraid it would start to wear to the point we’d have to replace it.  That is when I came across the option of a Duvet Cover.  I found one on ebay for about $15 so I figured it was a cheap experiment.
The duvet cover I ordered came with 2 pillow shams as well, which meant we HAD to buy 2 new pillows for the bed too (I love pillows so this was a sacrifice I was willing to make)  After watching a video of how to use a duvet cover I was all ready. But the one I ordered didn’t have the ties in the corner, so we’ll see how well it holds the comforter in place inside.   So far so good.

Basically a duvet cover is like a big pillow slip for your comforter.  It buttons closed at one end.  It’s a cheap way to change out the color and style of your bed for the seasons without having to spend a ton of money or store bulky comforters.

*side note- I can’t wait to get a new camera!!!  Thanks for baring with the horrible pics.

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