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October 1, 2014
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Studio C Season 5

Studio C Season 5 starts today!!! We can’t wait! If you’re looking for a wholesome, funny, entertaining show that the whole family can watch you have got to check out Studio C.  We found this gem of a comedy show last year and my family has been hooked ever since.  Below are some of our favorite scenes.
Basically Studio C is a comedy show with short clips/scenes/sketches.  It’s entertaining, funny, and best of all it’s clean so everyone in your family from toddler to adult can enjoy it.  Our kids love the show, and like us they have their favorite sketches that they want to watch more often and talk and joke about.

Today is the season 5 premiere!!  It should be online tonight or tomorrow, but if you have regular tv channels it’s on the BYUedu channel.  Here is the official website with more information.

And here’s a few of our favorite sketches- enjoy!

Flirting Academy

Worst Doctor Ever

Love from afar

2 truths and a lie

ER Vet division

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