Girls Dress Up Party

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September 12, 2010
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Girls Dress Up Party

I was reminded this morning of a dress up party I did years ago when my daughter was into dress ups.  What I did was invite 8 or so girls around her same age to attend.  Each girl was instructed to bring 1 dress up item for each of the other girls attending (so like 8 necklaces, 8 sunglasses or whatever).  Walmart, the dollar store and other such stores have cheap dress ups and accessories you can get for $1 or less each- so it’s not a huge expense, or they were welcome to make their dress up item.
Before the party I bought a large gift bag for each girl (they were huge, about as big as the little girls which made it cute and funny)  I then made and assembled some start up dress ups for each girl such as a tutu, Miss USA banner, apron, garland crown (think Shakespeare) etc.

So when each girl came to the party the bags were lined up and they would put one of each of the items they brought into each bag.  Each girl was able to take home her own dress up kit!  We also did a couple of activities at the party like using string, cut up straws, and foam shapes they each made their own necklace to add to their kit.  I served tea party type finger foods- mini sandwiches, lemonade and cookies.

It was a lot of fun, and each girl got to go home with a big bag of all sorts of dress ups!  I can’t wait to have a little girl again so I can do this again! 🙂


  1. ificould says:

    What a cute idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kelli says:

    My little Mailee is 4 and would just be in Heaven if I did this….I might have to do this soon 🙂 Very cute idea!

  3. JoDee Martin says:

    It was sooooooo much fun! I really really need another little girl so I can do it again! lol

    I love parties like these- for adults or kids, where everyone brings something for everyone and you go home with a bunch of different stuff!

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