Awesome Week 14

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April 3, 2015
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Awesome Week 14

It’s week 14 of our 52 weeks of Awesome! What are you going to get done this week?!? If you’re doing this weekly challenge starting at the first of the year, it will be close to Easter.  I’ve picked a special soup you can make with your leftover ham this week.  Keep up the good work!
Here’s this week’s mini list if you’d like to print it off or have as a reminder.

Now let’s look at this week in detail:

Week 14:
Vacuum All Edges
  • Take out that hose and give all the edges of your house a good vacuuming!
  • You could even move furniture to vacuum some of the edges around them
Outside Project
  • The weather is probably getting nice and I’m sure you have things you need to do outside!
  • If the weather isn’t nice enough to do yard work/projects, make something for outside such as a door sign, house number display, mailbox project etc.

Set aside $5-20

  • Each week set aside $5-20 depending on your financial situation.  Put the money in a safe place where you wont be tempted to dip into it.
  • You should have a pretty good stash building up! Don’t let yourself dip into it! Think of the end result you want.

Ham & Split Pea Soup

  • Each week I will give you a new recipe to try out.
  • If you started this challenge at the first of the year, it will be close to Easter now. Use this week’s recipe with your leftover Ham!
  • This week’s recipe can be found here


  • When was the last time you focused and appreciated your hands & feet?
  • Our hands and feet are key to our ability to do so many things, give them a little attention this week!
Make eye contact
  • In the rush of life sometimes we forget to make eye contact!
  • There is an energy exchange that happens when you make eye contact with someone.
  • This week as you talk and interact with people, make it a point to make eye contact.

Buy 7 boxes of Mac & Cheese
  • your food storage will be adding up!
  • If you don’t eat mac & cheese (we don’t) instead buy 7 boxes or bags of pasta

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