2019 Holiday Gift Guide

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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

This year we are again doing live video reviews on our YouTube channel.  Be sure and watch the videos to learn more about these products- and our “live” reactions.

Speed Charades- (available at www.thegamechef.com)
Box for the Speed Charades game

A twist on a class game- with this one 2 people are racing to see who’s team will guess the answer first!  A great game for large groups or parties.

Pun Intended- (available at www.thegamechef.com)
Box for the Pun Intended game
A box FULL of basically what my husband calls “dad jokes”. This can be played with as little as 2 people.  One person reads the phrase on the card leaving out the pun word and the others try to guess the pun.  It’s quick, easy, and full of silly puns!

Personalized World Traveler Map Wall sticker- (available at www.oopsydaisy.com)
Watercolor Map - Bright Poster Decals
This cute personalized wall sticker comes in a variety of styles and themes.  There’s bound to be one your child will love! Check out the website to see more!
Personalized Night Light- (available at www.oopsydaisy.com)
Pretty Princess Crown Night Lights
This personalized canvas night light is the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom.  With literally PAGES of options when it comes to style, colors, and themes you’re bound to find one your children will love.  The hardest part may be choosing which one!
Personalized Place Mat- (available at www.oopsydaisy.com) 
Watercolor Solar System Fabric Placemat
This heavy canvas place mat is perfect for meals or event for crafting. Don’t worry about the mess, these are machine washable!

Kangaroo Oral Care Tooth Brush- (available at www.kangaroooralcare.com)
Double package of green Kangaroo Oral Care toothbrushes
These kid toothbrushes light up for 2 minutes (how long they should brush) and they have their own toothpaste inside so no more messes! When the toothpaste runs out, it’s time to replace the tooth brush.

Fantasy Hopper: Unicorn (available at: http://www.nextgendistributors.com)

This adorable unicorn hopper is great for babies & toddlers.  My daughter loved hers! It’s big enough they can sit on it and bounce, yet doesn’t take up too much room.

Tulio night light- (available at: http://www.nextgendistributors.com)

This night light includes multiple color options as well as features that include: timer, sleep mode, lamp mode, and rainbow mode cycling through all the colors.

Doodlepants Clothing (available at www.doodlepants.com)


Doodlepants has some of the most adorable clothing ever! Check out their website to see all sorts of cute styles- and don’t forget to look at the bums on the pants! That’s my favorite part!

Bump Boxes- Pregnancy Subscription Box (available at: www.bumpboxes.com)

Previous Pregnancy Box Photo
This subscription box is for pregnant women! What a fun way to celebrate your pregnancy than to have a box delivered each month with specific items geared towards your stage in the pregnancy?!? I wish these were around when I was pregnant!

Twist Breastfeeding Gift Set- (available at www.kiinde.com)

Main Banner

From pumping to freezing to feeding this kit has you covered! You can also use it for formula and even once baby starts pureed foods.

We hope you enjoyed this year’s Holiday Gift Guide! 
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