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Covid-19 help & resources

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Easier said than done right now maybe…. which is why we want to share some resources to help.

It seems that everyone is living in fear & panic over Covid-19 right now.  And no matter how serious you think it is or isn’t, you will more than likely still have to deal with the ramifications of the panic of others.  But don’t stress, that’s why I wanted to give you a few gifts and help you.

Do you know what your family needs for a month?
If your family ends up needing to be quarantined, schools stay closed, if you are unable to go to work, delivery trucks don’t deliver for stores to restock, or any other scenario, do you know what and how much your family would need to last you a month?  Here are my gifts to you:

  • A free food storage checklist
    • Using this list you can quickly know at a glance how many months supply you have of all the consumable items in your house.  Just click on the link and enter your email for a free download of the list. (the list is hosted by my new blog What 8 Ate)
  • Food Storage 101 Facebook Group
    • This facebook group is a fantastic opportunity to learn everything you need to know about food storage, survival, & preparedness.  It includes 8 course units guiding you step by step from basic to advanced.  Our group is filled with a wonderful community of people sharing ideas, experiences, and valuable tips. Come join us!
  • Thrive Life Foods
    • Thrive Life is freeze dried foods.  Not only are they shelf stable for 25-30 years, they taste delicious, and in most cases have a higher nutritional value than food from the grocery store.  Currently they are running out of stock of a lot of items as people are purchasing more than normal, so I suggest ordering asap.  Once you create a customer account you will have a referral link you can share with others and receive Thrive credit when they purchase through your link. (free food!)

I hope these gifts will help you and ease the stress you may be experiencing.  Hang in there, hopefully the public panic will be over soon.

Watch the blog for updates on some activities we’re doing at our house to keep everyone entertained.

JoDee & Family

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