Victim vs Superhero

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August 20, 2010
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August 20, 2010
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Victim vs Superhero

It occured to me this morning as my son was leaving for school and whining about probably the 5th thing since waking up, he had already started his day in a victim mentality.  So putting it into words he would understand I said “are you going to be a victim or a superhero today?” It didn’t take him long to know he wanted to be a superhero (what kid doesn’t want to be one) Hopefully it is something he will think about today while at school and it will affect his choices for the better.

Then I thought- this really applies to everyone.  We all are victims of our own doing- “everything we have in life is because we choose to have it” with that statement comes great power- if you are choosing to have something, you can choose not to have it.  But as long as you are in a victim mentality and trying to deflect the responsibility onto someone else, blaming someone else for your problems, or in denial that you have attracted it into your life, you can’t change it!  Because you can’t change something that doesn’t belong to you! I tell my Rapid Eye Clients this ALL the time!  When first learning this principle it stinks! Because if you truly understand it- that means all the things you dislike in your life you have chosen to make a part of your life…. it stinks to know that you’ve done it to yourself!  And it can be a hard truth to face.  But only when you “shake it off and step up” and conclude that you want something different, and you now understand that it is in YOUR control to create whatever you want in your life, will things change. 

And with that attitude you have now changed from a Victim- who is always blaming others for all their problems, feeling sorry for themselves and all the trials in their life, to a Superhero- who is self empowered, responsible, and conciously aware of how the choices they make affect their life!

So what will you be today, tomorrow, and the next day? a Victim, or a Superhero?

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone acted as if they were a superhero?


  1. Kelli says:

    What is Rapid Eye? I've never heard this before.

  2. JoDee Martin says:

    Rapid Eye Technology is emotional release therapy. It's a technique to help people get rid of core beliefs they have that prevent them from living the life they desire- and helps bring them back to the understanding of who they really are. It helps with stress, depression, adictions, trauma, and more! It's WAY awesome- I became a RET 3 years ago and LOVE it! It has made a drastic difference in my life.
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