Turbo- coming out in 4 days

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July 12, 2013
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Turbo- coming out in 4 days

If you have little boys you’ve probably been anticipating the release of this new movie Turbo.  It will be in theaters July 19th (this Friday).  From what I’ve grasped from commercials, it’s about a snail that becomes a racing snail- and a good one at that.  My opinion on it might surprise you, I know it surprised me.
I have to say- unlike most dreamwork’s movies this one didn’t generate the same excitement for some reason……. maybe it’s the fact that my kids are getting older and not into these types of movies as much, or maybe I just couldn’t really relate to the speedy snail story line.

So basically a snail that wants more from life has a little mishap with a nitro boost in a car and becomes a super-snail with super hero like racing abilities.  It looks like another show about overcoming obstacles in life and making your life what you want it to be.  Aside from the snail part, it seems to be the same old story of dreamer turned superhero.  The story theme has been done from Spider man to  Avengers.

I think I’m ready for a movie that teaches kids to achieve their dreams without super powers, and popularity/fame/fortune isn’t what’s most important in life.

Here’s a trailer of the show…….. I’ll give it a chance and of course still be open minded when watching it, who knows, my opinions may change!


  1. Jolene says:

    We got to see a special premier last Saturday and the whole family (7 of us) loved it! It was funny, cute and had a great message. I think you'll enjoy it more than you think you will 😉

  2. JoDee Martin says:

    How fun! I wish we lived closer to some premier theaters, every time I get an offer to preview one at a premier it's too far away 🙁

    I'm hoping I can get excited about it and enjoy it!

    Thanks for supporting my hopes 🙂

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