The Snow Queen Movie Review and Giveaway

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The Snow Queen Movie Review and Giveaway

Are you ready for the Snow Queen?!?  It is almost Winter after all.  Starting today the Storm is BACK in a second adventure.  If you missed the first movie it’s okay, there’s a recap at the first of this movie to catch you up on what you missed.  And one of my lucky readers will win a digital download of this movie in iTunes!

Here’s some official information:

On November 3rd, the storm is BACK in an all new ice-breaking adventure! In the follow-up feature film, The Snow Queen: Magic of the Ice Mirror, Gerda (Bella Thorne) and Orm (Sharlto Copley) team up once again for a fun, family journey you won’t want to miss. With the holiday’s just around the corner, you’ll want to have this winter feature ready for long car rides or down time at family functions.

After celebrating their victory over the Snow Queen, Gerda and Orm have given their fellow trolls a taste of freedom. But when Orm gets a cold-hard reality check, they slip into another perilous journey and must protect the world from eternal winter.

If you’re looking for a movie that focuses on the under dog (or in this case troll) this is the movie for you.  I kept thinking “seriously?? does anything go right for Orm?!?”

The music was pretty awesome with some familiar tunes you should recognize.
Can a once bad guy really turn good and have a happily ever after?  Watch and see!

You can buy the download here.

Enter below to win a digital download of The Snow Queen: Magic of the Ice Mirror  in iTunes.
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