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September 23, 2010
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Swapping Party or Swapping Group

These are a lot of fun! I wish there were more I could participate in.  A friend of mine was saying we should start one up.  It would be way fun!  They are a great way to get new ideas, and maybe items you wouldn’t have got otherwise.

This is how it works- you pick the theme of your swapping party and then get a total headcount of everyone coming.  Then, everyone that comes brings something (according to the theme) for each person.  At the party everyone swaps and you go home with a bunch of different things.

So for example- if you’re doing a card party and lets say you have 10 people total.  Everyone comes and brings duplicates of one card to give to each person.  Then when the party is over everyone will go home with 10 different cards!

These are fun to do for just about anything! Here’s some party swapping ideas:
cookies (this is especially fun around Christmas)
scrapbook pages
mini scrapbook pages
kids games
hair clips
holiday decorations
Family Home Evening lessons
freezer meals- this would be a really fun one!
sewing projects
signs with quotes
dress-ups (for a little girls party)
matchbox cars (for a little boys party)
Cello bags
kitchen towels
food storage items
72 hour kits

And I’m sure there’s a lot more you could do!  I’ve participated in swapping parties that were all long distance and items sent through the mail.  Those are fun too-  you just send your items and money for return shipping to the host and then she swaps everything out and mails it back to everyone.

So if anyone is interested in hosting a swapping party let me know! I love them! 😀

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  1. Melissa N. says:

    We have these parties all the time for childrens clothing items. Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. We just recycle all our stuff and the moms don't have to spend any money!

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