Steamed Asparagus

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June 23, 2011
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Steamed Asparagus

Asparagus is something I don’t make very often but every time I have it I wonder why we don’t have it more?

I steamed a handful of asparagus in my Tupperware Smart Steamer.  Let me tell you- with Summer coming up this steamer is invaluable!  It goes in the microwave which means on a hot day I don’t need to have my oven on in order to make dinner.  This and the Tupperware Stack Cooker are Summer time MUST HAVES! (it was also promoted by Dr. Oz as the #1 of the top 10 healthy gifts for Christmas) To get one go to:

I simply trimmed the bottom off of the asparagus, placed it in the Smart Steamer, then drizzled a little olive oil over them, and seasoned them with: garlic & herb seasoning and roasted garlic & herb seasoning (very similar seasonings)
Then I steamed them in the microwave for 15 mins and they were the most tender delicious asparagus I’ve tried!

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  1. Lindsay @ Delighted Momma says:

    I always think the same thing when ever I make asparagus too! I have never heard of the Smart Steamer! I need to try this!

    XO Lindsay

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