Spiritual Changes

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August 24, 2010
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Spiritual Changes

So as often is the case, while in church this past Sunday I realized our family could make some improvements.  One of the lessons was on parenting, and how it is our responsibility to teach our children about God and the Savior.  The best way to teach- young kids especially is through example.

I concluded that our family needs to get better at saying family prayer each night.  And reading the scriptures more often as a family.  So after discussing this with my hubby and having his full support we have since said family prayer every night.  We haven’t started the scripture reading yet- but small steps at a time, we’ll get there!

I’m hoping this will create positive changes in our home as well as our children’s lives.  These small changes are what affect things over time and create drastic end results. So far it’s been fun and exciting, and I love that as parents we are aware of our weaknesses and seeking to improve them little by little.

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