Space Dogs Movie Review

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July 30, 2012
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Space Dogs Movie Review

We had the opportunity to review this new animated children’s movie “Space Dogs”.  When a circus dog crosses paths with a homeless dog she is appalled at the living standard differences.  Fleas being the main one.  The fleas even have a small part in the movie keeping things funny! The two dogs become entangled in a situation where one thing leads to another and they are recruited to become space dogs. (or so they think!)

After going through a tough space dog training with their friend rat “Remi” who claims he used to work at fine dining restaurant….. (sound familiar?) Their coach was worried for their safety in going to space since no dog had ever come back alive before.

The whole movie is a story told by the daughter of one of the dogs. (I wont spoil it)

My kids loved this movie so much that I woke up the next morning to them watching it again!  That’s when you know it’s good right?

This is a great movie and teaches about friendship, loyalty, hard work, not giving up, and working together as a team.  It’s rated PG and is a great kids movie.

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