Shoe organizers, not just for shoes!

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September 2, 2010
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Shoe organizers, not just for shoes!

It was many years ago when my sister introduced me to this AWESOME storage and organizational technique.  You’ve seen the over-the-door hanging shoe organizers I’m sure.  Well, they can hold other things!  (duh, I know)  When you buy the clear plastic ones, they create windows that you can put things in and be able to see what’s in each pocket.  For years now I have had one on almost every door in my house!  Why not utilize that unused space right? It keeps things organized, and is a great way to store and organize little nick-nacks that don’t seem to have a place.  Plus if you live in a house like mine where you are bursting at the seams because of small house for the size of family, or just not much storage room it’s perfect!

Here’s some of the things I use mine for- you’ll just have to look past the disorganized clutter of the pockets though 😉
This first one is on the inside of our master bathroom, it holds all the medicine, band aids, prescriptions, etc.  And it’s nice because my bathroom door is usually open it keeps these things out of sight of the kids.  And I have the option to put the more dangerous things in the top pockets where they can’t reach them.
This next one is the flip side of our master bathroom door- yes you can put them on BOTH sides of the door!  This one holds my make-up, hair products, perfume, nail polish & remover, hair cutting items, all that girly stuff, and I even let my hubby have a couple pockets 🙂

This next one is on the inside of our master bedroom.  I keep some cleaning products in it, again things I don’t want the kids to get into.  In my old house I had an actual laundry room that I would keep the cleaning products like this in.

This last picture is the flip side of my master bedroom door.    It holds misc crafts and supplies such as glue, ribbon, etc. 

Hope this gives you some ideas!  Some other things I have used them for in the past are: on the inside of my pantry door- it was perfect for holding spices! so easy to find what ones I needed.  In my kids’ bathroom- to hold their toothbrushes, hair Barrett’s, combs, etc.  I have one in my hall closet (didn’t take a pic of it) that holds all the misc. stuff like screwdrivers, hammer, nuts, bolts, screws, batteries, tape, hardware type stuff.  In my old house I even had 2 of these organizers hanging on my wall (just screwed a big screw into the studs and put the loops in them rather than the door clip)  and I kept scrap booking stuff in one and gift bags, cards etc. in the other.  I did the same wall mount thing with 2 other ones inside a closet to hold small food storage items in one, and sewing items in the other.

My next plan is to get a wire shelf style one for my kitchen to put fruits in…..


  1. happy mom says:

    I too have used this and do use this idea! I love it, you can hang them on the sliding closet doors too, on the outside door! then I do use them for shoes, winter gloves, belts (rolled up) and like you said misc. things.

    on my main floor bathroom (because there are no bedrooms on this floor and limited space in the bathroom)I keep diaper wipes in a pocket, and I used to (when we needed them) keep a few pockets of diapers, rash cream, bathroom spray, a few hair items, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and more winter gloves, and an umbrella, also flush-able wipes, and just so many things! I love the band-aid idea, I need to do a good fall clean, I am so going to add the band aids to every rack! I love sharing ideas!

  2. JoDee Martin says:

    Awesome! I love the gloves/umbrella idea. Some day when I have a garage I think I'll put that kind of stuff on that door!
    Thanks for sharing Heidi!

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