Outback Steak House Review

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August 27, 2012
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Outback Steak House Review

This week we went to CA for a Tupperware convention.  While in Azusa we went to Outback for a nice dinner……….or so we had hoped.

Aside from the fact that they were SO busy everything took forever (sometimes that happens so we can overlook that part right?)  One of my friends is allergic to glucose and ordered from their special menu.  They had to bring her a salad 3 times- the first time they put crutons on it which doesn’t work for glucose allergy, then they brought it out with the wrong dressing because one of the chefs didn’t think the ranch was glucose free and made a new dressing choice for her, then finally they got the right salad with the right dressing.

I ordered cream of broccoli soup and was unpleasantly surprised when a spoon full of soup filled my mouth with a huge hard sharp bay leaf!! (Note to outback: you’re supposed to take the leaf out before serving it!)  When I mentioned it to the manager (so he could let the kitchen staff know and no one else would have the same thing happen) he informed me that the bay leaf was supposed to be in the soup from start to finish………maybe he didn’t understand that finish means before you serve it.

Then when we finally got our entree’s my friend’s med-well steak was overcooked to resemble more of a hockey puck than a steak.  Not to mention that ALL of our entree’s were literally a slab of meat/fish and a spoonful of the side- no nice plating, garnish, or anything. (I couldn’t help but think how Gordon Ramsay would have had a field day with them!)

My garlic mashed potatoes were sub par enough that I only had a couple bites. (and I’m not one of those picky eaters! so it has to be pretty bad for me not to eat it!)

Conclusion: our hopes for a nice dinner was sadly not fulfilled.  We still paid the full price as if it would have been good.  When we complained to the manager he was no help and only made excuses like it was our fault things weren’t done right.  So basically if you’re looking for a nice meal- do NOT go to Outback in Azusa, CA.


  1. Unknown says:

    I had an negative experience at a San Diego Outback years ago. I submitted a complaint via their website and they had the regional mgr respond within a few days.
    I was satisfied with the outcome and we continue to go to Outback restaurants.
    Sorry that you had a bad dining experience.

  2. Unknown says:

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  3. Unknown says:

    I don't think I will ever eat at an Outback, simply because I heard how they grill their steak… They use a heavy piece of metal and smash all the juices out of it. Dry, nasty sounding… Anyhoo- I just wanted you to know about my new blog, and I'm here also to shamelessy plug it. If you've ever been interested in health & wellness, and like interesting (if not controversial) topics, then I hope you will follow it! Love your guts!
    Hope to see your smilin blog on my members board!

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