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July 21, 2014
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Memorial Video

Ok, so not to make Monday’s a memorial or sad posting day, but this week I’d like to share a memorial video I made of my brother and his wife.  Today is the 5th anniversary of Jason’s car accident that took both his life and the life of one of my sweet cousin’s kids- Addie (she was the first great-grandchild named after my grandma, my Addie was named after both her and my grandma)

In November of 2007 my sister in law Wendy was killed in a car accident, just 2 years after getting a kidney transplant and after years of dialysis finally able to live her life the way she wanted again.  Some said her faith was too strong for her health problems to end her life, but Heavenly Father still needed her home.  She was a great mom, sister, friend, and teacher.

2 years later on July 28th of 2009 my brother Jason joined her in heaven.  He was one of those guys that was just naturally cool and everyone wanted to be buddy’s with.  He became known as “the tooth puller” and would pay his kids and others $1 after pulling out their tooth, my kids looked forward to it! He loved hot rod cars, lime green in color especially.

They both loved life and enjoyed it to the fullest.  They are great reminders to me of how to live life and not take anything for granted.  As you will see in this music video tribute they loved camping, 4 wheeling, and spending time with family and friends.

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