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January 6, 2014
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Kericure Review

This was one of my favorite products from the ABC Kids Expo last year.  Kericure is basically a spray on band-aid that stops bleeding, is water proof, and helps heal those cuts in places where band-aids wont stay on.  Check out my review of it-

While at the ABC Kids Expo I met Kericure inventor- Dr. Kerriann Greenhalgh.  Aside from being super nice, she was friendly and approachable.  She told me a story of while she was in school how her fiance cut his hand and it got an infection so bad he could have lost part of his hand.  She started to research a way to protect cuts from getting infections because if this experience, and Kericure was born.

What I found AWESOME about this was that it was GREAT to use on pets!  Because we all know a band-aid isn’t going to stick to fur.
Our lab Daisy got into a fight with a javelina one night and ended up with a couple cuts to her ears.  Problem was the cuts kept getting bigger and bigger because she’d scratch them and open them up each time they were starting to heal.
Here’s a picture of it before-

She had 1 cut on each ear.

This was after applying the kericure (it’s the milky substance)

The nice thing about the kericure is that any excess that’s not needed will just rub right off.  It doesn’t make the area sticky or dry at all.

Here’s Daisy’s ears now-

You can hardly tell she once had sores there.  They’ve healed up so nicely!
Time wise- we were using hydrogen peroxide for a couple months on her cuts and it wasn’t helping, like I mentioned above she kept scratching them and making them worse. (normally I’m a big fan of hydrogen peroxide but in this case it wasn’t an improvement)
The Kericure was used only for a couple of weeks before the cuts were healed to this point. (it probably would have healed faster if we were better about spraying her ears every day)

We’ve used the kericure for my kids, myself, and the dog.  We are sold! We love it, it’s a great product.  And it’s small enough to make easy to have in your purse, car, or backpack.  I gave one of the bottles to my dad- he’s 75 and has thin skin he’s always cutting himself on random things, I’m sure Kericure can help!

For more information or to order some for yourself go to:

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