Joy School Preschool

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September 20, 2010
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September 21, 2010
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Joy School Preschool

Have you ever heard of a Joy School?
I would LOVE to start one in my area- I used to own a preschool and loved it!  Some day when we move and have a house that has room for one I will start up another one.

What is a Joy School? basically it is a group of women with children ages 3-4 that start a preschool together. It can save you a lot of money- since the only cost you have is for supplies & treats when you host it at your house- so even if you spend $20 each time it’s at your house that is FAR less than you’d spend for preschool normally!

How it works:
Each mom takes a turn having all the children in the group at her house and does the lessons, activities, & treats for that day.

So if there is 10 children, that means each mom will have the kids once every 10 classes- so if the group wants classes 2 times a week, that means each mom would only have to do the lessons etc at her house once every 5 weeks!

This way it gives us moms a break for a bit, gets some free preschool for our kids, and the kids get to make some friends!
If you are interested in joining the group you will be expected to:
1) drop off/pick up your child on time.
2) commit to hosting the class at your house in a fair rotation
3) be prepared with a thought out, planned lesson, activity, & treat (make it fun and educational for the kids- it’s not just play time, it’s preschool)
4) follow the theme and/or letter for the day the class is at your house
5) communicate with the moms 🙂
And most importantly- be excited and have fun!!

Email me if you are interested in joining! Once we get a good sized group of 6-10 we will meet and choose our group outline, days, and times that work best for everyone.

Have you done one before? or are you currently doing one? I’d love to hear your comments on what you love most about it- and suggestions to make one successful.


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    Hey there! Following you from MMM blog hop! Hope to see you soon! Good luck with your Joy Preschool…sounds like a brilliant idea!

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  7. Night Owl Mama says:

    wow sounds like an awesome idea. hOpe you get mom's to participate.

    Wish we had something like that locally

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