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September 15, 2012
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September 18, 2012
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Jimmy Johns Beach Club copy cat

We LOVE Jimmy Johns!  With our recent goals to save money for buying a house we’ve chosen to cut back on going out for lunch.  So my goal was to come up with some homemade copycat recipes that will help us feel like we’re not skimping out.  This week I came up with this copy cat recipe of my favorite Jimmy Johns sandwich- the beach club.

The sandwich is on wheat bread

the key in my opinion is the avocado spread- for this I smashed up 1 avocado and then added mayonnaise to it.
Spread the avocado on the bread.
The fillings for the sandwich are basically: turkey, tomatoes, cheese & sliced cucumber.

Try it out! It was easy to make and delicious!  I also heard you can get day old bread from Jimmy Johns for 50 cents!

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