How would you spend $10,000,000?

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March 25, 2014
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How would you spend $10,000,000?

As someone who loves to dream and plan the future I love to think about what I/we would do under certain circumstances.  A few months ago someone asked me how I would spend $10,000,000.  The first 3-4 million were easily spent, but the rest took some more thought.  So here’s what I would do with that kind of money-

$1 million- would go to tithing for my church.  I believe in giving 10% back to Heavenly Father.

Of the rest of these, any leftover from each budget will be put into savings or used for daily living stuff.

$1 million- we would use to build our dream home.  And boy can I dream! (the above picture was the closest I could find to the floor plan we want) With a dad that’s a mason/builder and a mom that’s an interior decorator I’ve got lots of ideas for our dream house.  I love to design floor plans and come up with creative ways to use space so we already have the floor plans to our dream house and a binder full of ideas from pinterest.  Plus with a large family like ours we want a house that will go the distance with room for our kids growing up as well as family get togethers once they’re grown. Food storage and preparedness are a top priority for us so there would be room for those. Oh and lets not forget the amazing landscaping for the yard! Pool, playground, tennis court that doubles as a basketball court, volley ball area and lots of grass.

$1 million- we would do something nice for family members depending on their individual needs.  This would probably also include taking all my siblings and their family on a cruise.  It wouldn’t stop at family members though since we also have friends we’d love to do something nice for.  Something nice ranging from buying them a car, paying some bills for them, or even sending them some Thrive food storage or something since there are different needs for each of them.

$1 million- this million would be used to start a single mom’s housing program.  One where a single mom can live in a town house for up to a year at a very minimal rent cost while getting on her feet.  After the year is up half of her rent paid will be given back to her to help her get into a new place.  Moms will be expected to help each other and the community out by offering support to others and helping to maintain the housing area.

$1 million- would go to build a cabin large enough to hold all my siblings and their family for reunions or other events.  A place where everyone has their own space, but we’re still all together.  It most likely wont take the entire million for this, so the rest would go to purchasing items related such as furniture, supplies, 4 wheelers, or anything else that would be useful there.

$1 million- “fun” money.  This would pay off any bills/debts, buy new cars, a motorhome that will fit my family, family vacation (just my hubby and our kids), other toys such as a ranger or 4 wheelers etc., and ok there would be a LOT left over here so any remaining would be for investments or more nice things for others.

$1 million- saved for kids’ college, mission, wedding funds.  Seems like a lot, but with as many kids as we have it adds up!  Any left over can always turn into grand kids birthday money funds or something.

$1 million- for living off & retirement

So that’s 8 of the 10 million, and honestly at this point I’m running out of ideas.  By this time we’d have everything we need and want, helped others, made donations, saved for the future, bought all our toys, live in our dream home, taken vacations, the only thing not planned on in this list is taxes- so I guess that’s our buffer hahaha.

So what would YOU spend $10,000,000 on?

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