How to keep your frosted cake pretty

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October 4, 2012
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October 8, 2012
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How to keep your frosted cake pretty

If you’ve ever frosted a cake and had to take it somewhere or give it to someone you’ve probably faced the delimma of how to keep the cake protected and not ruin your pretty frosting art at the same time.  This is a trick my mom taught me how to do when she used to do weddin cakes.
Just place a toothpick at the ends or corners of the cake so that it sticks up slightly taller than your frosting artwork.  Then when you cover it with plastic wrap or tinfoil it wont go below the toothpicks.  That is unless you try to pull it tight- then the toothpicks will poke a  hole in the covering and defeat the purpose 🙂

This is easy and great to do when you’re giving it away and don’t want it to get squashed.

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